Various Colored Tarps

Various colored tarps are used for various reasons. Sometimes, the different color of a tarp will mean that it is used for a special reason. These tarps are common in the construction industry and have various purposes on a construction site. They are needed for covering and protecting roofs, lumber, or other materials. They are also used to protect cement that has been delivered to the site. There are different colored tarps for all of these different jobs. So, besides the basic blue and green tarps, there are also several different colored specialty tarps.

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Your heavy duty tarps will come in the colors of silver and white. These will have grommets that are spaced every eighteen inches as opposed to the regular thirty-six inch spacing. The closer the grommets are to each other, the better the tarp you have on your hands. These heavy duty tarps also come with ultraviolet ray inhibitors so the sun cannot damage your goods. The generic blue and green tarps will be the cheapest and least durable tarps. These tarps are great for single projects, but will not last much longer than that. They are not highly resistant to anything and can only give basic coverage to your outside goods waterproof tarpaulin.

Fire retardant tarps are used extensively around many construction sites. These tarps can better protect the materials and equipment in the event of a fire. This is especially so if the crew is away from the job site. Fire retardant tarps usually come in the colors of red, orange, or yellow. They sometimes are available in silver and white as well. These tarps are great for their visibility in any condition. Also, you can be sure that any tarp used on a construction site is worthy of being used around your home or garden.

Basic canvas and poly tarps will also come in a variety of colors. In this case, you would be buying different color tarps out of personal preference instead of for their fire retardant or other special properties. If you need different colors for categorizing or some other need, you may want to purchase a red, yellow, orange, or camouflage tarp for this. For personal home needs, you may not need a heavy duty or fire retardant tarp.

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