Staying Safe With Online Dating

There’s no denying the potential of online dating to help you meet some great people 聊天. Many people meet their future spouses and you just might meet your soul-mate. However, just like real dating, online dating has it’s risks and these ideas will help you have a fun experience while staying safe.

1. Do NOT reveal any personal details in your profile. Make sure you haven’t included your full real name, telephone number or street address. You may even want to use an alternate email for your online dating activities 相親公司. Many online dating sites offer an internal email system and you may want to use that for the first couple of weeks in a new online relationship.

2. Keep your mailing and street address private. Once you feel that you know enough about someone you can disclose your personal details and set up a date 專業 人士 speed dating. I would keep your address private until after you meet them in person and decide how you feel. If they turn out to be someone you don’t want to be involved with you don’t want them to know where you live.

3. Meet at the location and drive your own vehicle. Never let someone you met online pick you up for the first date. Meet in a public location and drive your own car both there and if you decide to go somewhere else.

4. Tell someone where you’re going and who you’re going with. Hopefully by the time you meet someone in person you know them very well, but sometimes with online dating people can fool you even despite your best efforts. Print out your date’s picture and write their full name, number, type of vehicle, meeting location and any other identifying items that you can think of on the page. Give it to someone you trust.

5. Check in with your friend (see number 4) throughout the night, especially if you leave the original meeting location. Pick a curfew time and tell that person you will call them by that time. If you don’t call, they should come looking for you or contact the police. Just don’t forget to call.

6. You may consider a double date with a friend or co-worker for the first contact with your online dating match.

7. Avoid drinking alcohol and don’t leave your drink alone. If you must leave your drink alone, get a new one when you come back. Even in online dating, date rape does occur. If you feel strange at all, call a friend immediately to come and get you or just to hangout and watch you.

This might all seem silly and like too much trouble, but it’s better to be very safe than it is to be very sorry. Please keep these online dating safety tips in mind when you’re out on that first date, but also have a good time. You want to protect yourself while having fun on your date!

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