Low Impact Exercise Can Have a High Impact On Your Health

You are wanting to exercise, but your back hurts, your knees are aching, and you don’t think you can handle another round of shin splints. Maybe you were an athlete when you were younger and injuries are keeping you from getting back into shape. Your goal may be weight loss, but the shear gravitational pressure on your joints is too much to handle. Every time you begin a program, you end up sidelined with injury. Possibly, you are just looking for something different. Whatever your goals may be, here is an overview of some programs that can take these worries away.

When people are looking for new exercise ideas to protect their joints, and with the elderly population rate climbing, low impact exercise has been given much more attention. It is not just the elderly that can benefit from yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, swimming, exercise bikes and other low impact exercises.

Low impact exercises place minimal stress on the body where as high impact exercises are relatively damaging to the joints. Knee, hip and ankle stress are common amongst many who exercise. Because of this, low impact exercises are beneficial to those who are elderly and those who have previous injuries or Sonus Complete medical conditions.

Yoga is one of the most popular low impact exercises because of its many benefits. Strength, flexibility and balance are of value to everyone whether you are elderly, an athlete, or someone who gets minimal exercise. Yoga also benefits you on a psychological level. Relaxation plays a major role in yoga, quieting and disciplining the mind.

Like Yoga, Tai Chi improves balance and has a psychological effect. During this form of exercise your body is constantly moving. Tai Chi is known for its promotion of serenity. The belief is that you are forced to focus on what is present rather than dwell on stressful thoughts and feelings.

Pilates is a low impact exercise that tones the body, strengthening and lengthening the muscles without causing you to be bulky. This low impact exercise improves posture and circulation. Pilates is an excellent core exercise strengthening the abdominals and low back.

Swimming is thought to be the best of low impact exercises. Not only is swimming great cardiovascular exercise but it burns a generous amount of calories as well. Because you make no contact with the ground during this exercise it puts minimal pressure on your bones and joints.

Exercise bike classes have become increasingly popular due to the large amount of calories burned during one 45-minute session. This type of exercise promotes great physical fitness and cardiovascular endurance. This low impact high intensity exercise is great for building the muscles in the lower body.

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