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Made these without the sugar topping. Level of sweetness was just nice without the topping. Excellent recipe, muffins turned out moist and soft. Definitely my go to recipe for blueberry muffins. I have made this recipe many times and loved them.

Th name doesn’t lie, these are simply perfect. I made these the other night with my daughter. copper water benefits I didn’t have enough sour cream so used some homemade Vietnamese yogurt in addition.

I am sure the butter and yogurt make alll the difference. I will be making these for my class next semester. Also, I love that you now do the measurements by weight. It’s so much easier than using a millions cups and spoons to measure. I went blueberry picking over the weekend and have been eating them by the handfuls from the fridge, on cereal and baking blueberry pies and tarts. Jasmine — The only thing that separates muffins from cake is semantics.

Let cool in pan for 10 minutes then the rest of the way on a rack. I have been using this recipe for years. I hate is pizza healthy overly sweet muffins and will normally modify recipes to omit sugar but this one is surprising just right as is.

If you compare them side by side, you’ll also notice that the drupelets of blackberries are smooth and glossy, while raspberries are covered in tiny white hairs. However, it’s easier to tell the difference after harvesting. Simply look at the side of the fruit where it was plucked from the stem.

During this holiday, certain types of foods are avoided, including corn syrup, which is present in some of Manishewitz’s kosher wines. For example, a 5-ounce glass of Barefoot Pinot Grigio, Moscato or Red Moscato each has 120 calories, per the MyPlate app. Barefoot Pink Moscato and Sweet Red Blend have 125 calories per 5-ounce glass, while Barefoot Riesling has 118 calories per 5-ounce glass.

The first recorded use of the word purple dates to the late 900s AD. They’re available in several flavors, ayahuasca ceremony including cherry, elderberry and blackberry. Some — but not all — of the wines are kosher for Passover.

I think it was the lemon peel for me, it just added a nice sour hint to the blueberries, but I LOVED them. They were still tasty this morning slightly cold, but much better warm last night. My roommate was equally pleased by them.

The dye was made from the root of the alkanet plant , also known as murasaki in Japanese. At about the same time, Japanese painters began to use a pigment made from the same plant. Since the Second Vatican Council of 1962–5, priests may wear purple vestments, but may still wear black ones, when officiating at funerals. The Roman Missal permits black, purple , or white vestments for the funeral Mass. White is worn when a child dies before the age of reason. Students and faculty of theology also wear purple academic dress for graduations and other university ceremonies.

The batter I made filled twelve muffin cups 2/3 full. They had nice rounded tops when I first pulled them from the oven (16-17 mins) but I decided to cook them 1-2 minutes more. They deflated a lil bit but were still incredible, like the best homemade crumb cake ever, super moist, but came easily out of my nonstick muffin pan. I use a thin coating of crisco shortening for best results with turning out muffins and bread. The tartness of the raspberries and soft moist crumb of these muffins were perfectly balanced by the texture and sweetness of the streusal topping. These were the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever made, probably the best I’ve ever had.

I just pinch and sprinkle until there’s a thin top, a big pinch each muffin, no way is it one t. I also used big muffin cups this morning. And if you’re an idiot like me and forget to add the sugar, the turbinado topping compensates nicely in mini-muffins. While they didn’t rise properly due to the lack of sugar, they still tasted really good.

If you stir them in still frozen, it shouldn’t muddy the batter. Also, sometimes those wild colorations can come from using a baking powder with aluminum in it. I try to avoid them, especially when baking with acidic fruits.

I’ll give it a try and report back. Can’t wait to try this….LOVE blueberry muffins. I’m sure I’ll eat way too many even if I do only 1/2 batch.

Used tiny little boreal frozen blueberries and they turned out perfectly. My husband said, “Can we replace the blueberries with mini chocolate chips next time? I could snack on these blueberry muffins all day, but chocolate instead… dangerous! Deb, thanks for the brilliant recipe once again.

Probably next Saturday because they were all gone by bedtime Sunday. Your recipe is pleasantly loaded with blueberries, I like that the batter bakes up light and moist and is super easy to make with minimal cleanup. I would suggest only that you add lemon zest to the sugar on top of the muffin. Sour cream but also had 2 oz cream cheese left over so I softened it, then blended with the butter and sugar before adding the egg and sour cream.

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