Gantt Chart – Project Management Tool

An effective tool for a project manager to communicate activity or task schedules in a project is the Gantt chart. The chart is extremely crucial in project management since it enables the project manager to comprehend the direction of the tasks in the project.

Hence, through the use of such a chart, people who do not have managerial skills can also understand the flow of the project and thereby analyze the progress of the project PMP certification .

In the beginning of the twentieth century, a mechanical engineer born in 1861 in the United States, Henry Laurence Gantt created the concept of the Gantt chart. Henry Gantt, who was also an industrial consultant by profession, died in 1919 leaving behind him an indisputable heritage in the arena of project planning for all kinds of projects, small or big.

The chart is used today not only in small organizations but also in large-scale projects like the construction of Hoover dam where the chart was used during the project planning and project scheduling stages.

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