Stay Clear of Online Scammers

The Internet is filled with cold-blooded conmen trying to scam people, and unfortunately a lot of them succeed and earn vast amounts of money from their ruthless swindles. Interestingly enough, the Internet is simultaneously becoming one of the sharpest tools in the struggle against betgratis tanpa syarat fraudulent people – online as well as offline. It is now possible to go to a website and warn others of potential scammers.

Crime Forums is a forum where people congregate to discus crime and crime prevention. Their Fraud section covers subjects such as online casino scams, illegal enterprises, money laundering schemes, and lottery frauds. By learning more about the schemers out there we can protect ourselves and our families from falling pray to con artists.

A very common online fraud that is going on right now is the so call “luxury car bluff”. A fraudulent person will post a car for sale on an online sales forum. It is typically a really desirable car, such as a luxury car, sports car or rare collector’s car. To lure in plenty of interested buyers, the car is offered for a really low price. Sometimes there will be a short explanation for the low price to prevent suspicion. There is also plenty of photos and detailed descriptions to make the add look reputable. (Photos and information is often taken directly from another, true car that is being offered at another car sale site. If you do an online search for the information, you may actually find the car that the information has been taken from.) The aim of this scam is to get interested buyers to contact the conman. When an interested buyer makes contact, the conman will tell him that the car is still available, but located overseas. He will then ask the buyer to make a deposit. Most buyers find this perfectly reasonable, because who would want to start shipping a car overseas without at least getting a deposit first. A deposit is sent via wire transfer, but no car will ever appear. When the buyer starts investigating the subject, the “seller” will have vanished from the face of the earth.

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