The Best Cat Health Supplement Is a Must for the Wellbeing of Our Pets Today

Most all of the entire pet food industry produces over processed commercial products containing corn, cereal, dyes and chemicals; it is a necessity to give our pets supplements in order for them to stay healthy. They may not ingest chemicals around your home, but they are exposed to many other sources like lawn fertilizers and pesticides which are sprayed and used everywhere, including parks.

Grasses, herbs and wild rodents were the staple of cats before domestication and they instinctively knew what to eat and what to avoid in order to stay healthy legal steroids provider . These foods consumed in the wild would have been an ideal diet before commercial pet products arrived. A strong immune system keeps many illnesses like cancer and diabetes from developing which is achieved by eating plenty of healthy food for optimal health not by eating over processed foods.

When looking for the best cat health supplement make sure that the ingredients contain milk thistle for liver support. The liver is the most vital of all organs, without a healthy liver it is impossible to fight disease. Cat’s claw, purple coneflower, better known as Echinacea, is well-known for its benefits to the lymph system, mistletoe is another immune system herb, as is Huang Qi. Also be sure and look for other antioxidants in the supplement formula.

What truly are the best health supplements to improve brain function? The most widely ingested “supplement” (drug) in the world, caffeine, is usually the choice of beverage for getting going in the morning. It definitely works for triggering the transmitters in the brain which increase alertness and jump start the body in general. For many, the smell, richness and warmth of coffee just can’t be beat. Yet there is a better food supplement, guarana, which contains healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids slow the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which boosts your brain function all day, rather than in the short burst you get from caffeine.

Your brain is very greedy for the nutrient choline. Memory, thought processes, and healthful sleep are enhanced y acetylcholine, which is produced in your brain if enough choline is ingested in your diet. Acetylcholine is also responsible for the brain messages that go to your muscles. This will affect your reflexes and balance, especially important as you age. Sadly, many seniors decline after their first fall and hip fracture, when they had been leading a fulfilling and independent life.

Millions of American men suffer from back pains every year, ranging from the typical aches and pains that afflict us for no apparent reason to the kind of nerve-wracking pain that impairs our movements and our ability to enjoy a normal, active lifestyle.

Needless to say, the best advice for anyone suffering from the latter kind pain is to visit a doctor. For the former kind of pain, you are likely to be deluged with opinions coming from practically everyone you know about their own pet remedies for dealing with back pains. Your friends, family, officemates, neighbors and even total strangers will give you a long list of suggestions that will likely include more rest, regular exercise, proper nutrition, acupuncture and the like.

There is one tried and tested method that has been proven to ease back pains – taking regular doses of natural health supplements. Among the hallmarks of such natural health programs are diet supplements that are rich in vitamins and minerals, calcium and magnesium as well as herbal tea and other lesser known supplements such as black haw and devil’s claw.

The health benefits of vitamins and minerals are well known by now, especially in their ability to increase energy and to help the body heal itself. With regard to back pain, the solution may be as simple as increasing our daily intake of Vitamin E and Vitamin C. In addition, calcium is an important ingredient in our diets as well, especially since it directly affects our bones. Calcium may well be the most important mineral we need to get rid of nagging back pains.

Magnesium addresses our back pains in two ways: first, like calcium, it helps strengthen our bones; and second, magnesium can help our body relax, thereby easing the strain and pressure on our backs.

Herbal tea is in vogue these days as a desirable health supplement that enhances our overall well-being. The ideal dose is to drink between three to seven cups of herbal tea a day.

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