The My Scene Dolls And Their Fantasy Lives

As an adult, it is easy to get caught up with the online fantasy lives of the My Scene dolls, if you read their profile pages on the website. It is easy for you to imagine the appeal that this series of Mattel dolls has to young girls, especially those that are old enough to use the computer ラブドール通販 . Mattel introduced My Scene dolls in 2002 and they have made short video clips on DVDs and even a full-length movie that featured Lindsey Lohan. The Lindsey Lohan My Scene dolls were released with special permission, in the only doll likeness of her for the movie, My Scene Goes Hollywood.

The dolls feature unique personalities, zodiac signs, pets and personalities, besides different ethnic backgrounds, hair color and skin tones. For many younger girls, from the ages of 4 to 14, they have become friends that fit their own personality and lifestyle. While the multiple backgrounds and personalities allow little girls to choose a doll that is most like them or that has the same goals and personality, there are many that collect the entire series of My Scene dolls.

If you have heard of the “Bratz” dolls that were so popular with young girls, then it is easy to understand the appeal of the My Scene dolls. There are all different kinds of My Scene accessories, clothes, play-sets and “environments” that can be purchased for the dolls. They are Mattel’s answer to the competing “Bratz” series, made by another manufacturer. While there could be some confusion to parents about My Scene dolls and Barbie, it is mainly due to the fact that Mattel made one of the My Scene dolls with the name of “Barbie”, but it is not an actual Barbie doll, in the traditional sense.

For doll collectors, there are some notoriety behind the dolls, since Mattel was sued by the competitor and some parents feel that certain dolls were dressed too risqué. Younger girls love the glamorous features and the interesting lives that the fantasy characters seem to live and it can be easy to get caught up in their “drama”, if you visit the profiles of each doll. For most fans of the My Scene dolls, they are a cultural icon that has its place in the fantasy world of little girls and their dolls. Critics claim they are a knock-off of “Bratz” with a promiscuous lifestyle, in the case of a few dolls, such as the My Scene My Bling Bling dolls and even the Lindsey Lohan doll might fall into that class, now.

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